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How to delete abused feedback?

How to delete abused feedback?

Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are fine. Today I will tell you in this article how to delete abused feedback? so let’s start…

when do you need to delete feedback?

Friends, if someone makes dirty feedback or promotional (promoting their products/services) feedback or something other than the main product means that comment or feedback that not making any sense on a business card. This type of abuse words we need to delete.

This feature is available in paid plans.

Steps for deleting abused feedback

  1. First go to and sign in with your credentials.
  1. After successfully sign in, go to the feedback.
  1. After clicking on the feedback, feedback list is shown there you will see all that feedback of your card.
  1. Now the feedback which is bad or abused that you want to delete it, press on the delete icon for deletion.
  1. After clicking on the delete icon, click on the OK button in the message of success.
  1. Now you can see that feedback was deleted from the list.

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